Tetra AquaSafe Pond Treatment - 100ml

Tetra AquaSafe Pond Treatment - 100ml
The Tetra range offers aquarium owners a wide variety of products for the creation and maintenance of healthy aquarium water. As with Tetra foods, all care products and treatments are the result of unrivalled investment in R&D, and more than 50 years experience within the industry. Every batch of Tetra product is subjected to stringent quality control checking to ensure its accuracy and safety prior to release for sale, thereby ensuring consistent and reliable product performance
Creates safe, nature-like water for fish and plants
Removes chlorine and chloramines
Neutralises heavy metals
Supports fish's protective mucus layers
Adds iodine, magnesium, vitamin B and other elements for health and vitality
Contains natural extracts for clearer water
GTIN: 4004218737839
MPN: 737839
Product Code: 387058
Brand: Tetra