Tetra Pond Flakes - 4L (800g)

Tetra Pond Flakes - 4L (800g)
The Tetra Pond Food range consists of carefully selected, high-quality raw materials, which are produced in a special manufacturing process in order to retain all vital nutrients. They promote vitality, intensive colouring and the healthy growth of pond fish. In addition, they result in very little waste, thus helping to maintain excellent water quality and clarity
Complete flake food for all small pond fish
Flake mixture consisting of four types of flakes for a varied, balanced and healthy diet
Ideal for feeding to smaller fish to promote rapid growth rates
The red flakes, with their high protein content, promote growth and vitality
The yellow flakes contain a high proportion of vitamins and minerals and prevent deficiency symptoms
The brown flakes provide the fish with healthy plant nutrients
The white flakes promote digestion
Feed at all times of the year above 10?C
GTIN: 4004218169784
MPN: 169784
Brand: Tetra
Product Code: 843472